Speedlight Comparison: Yongnuo 600RT vs. Canon 600RT vs. a LED Light

Wedding photographer Toby Gelston recently published this video comparison looking at two very popular speedlights – the Yongnuo 600RT and the Canon 600RT and just to add a different flavour to the mix he also tested a circular LED light – here  are his thoughts.

There isn’t a week which goes by without a question we get concerning flashes and so this interesting comparison between the inexpensive Yongnuo, the test and true Canon and a completely different type of lighting (i.e. LED) might be relevant for many of our readers.

The bottom line here seems pretty simple – if you are O.K. in taking a small risk in terms of long term reliability and build quality the Yongnuo 600RT is a great alternative to the Canon 600RT at a much lower price. As for the LED – it really depends on the type of shooting that you do – if you need to over power than sun or need a lot of light – than it isn’t for you – but for one person portraits it can be useful and it is simpler to work with and of course it is the only way to go if you are also doing video.

Last year Gelston also did an interesting comparison of the Yongnuo YN468II, 568 and 565 which is worth checking out if you are interesting.

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