The International – Travel Tripod for Filmmakers

The Aviator Camera Gear company recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign for lightweight advanced tripod for filmmakers called “International”.

The market is full of tripods – from well known brand names to obscure ones – all trying to compete for a place under our cameras. The guys from the Aviator Camera Gear wanted to create a professional level tripod which will be very light, tall enough when it is open (5 ½ foot/170cm) and small enough when it is closed (20 inches/51cm) which you can take anywhere including on a plane with no problems.

The International is made of lightweight carbon fiber, weighing only 4lbs/1.8kg, can go down very low (2 and a half inches/6 cm from the ground) and is strong enough to support even very heavy loads (55lbs/25kg) for the legs and 11lbs/5kg for the fluid head the Aviator Camera Gear is selling it with (depending on your specific kit).

The Aviator Camera Gear system for this tripod is called SWAP and it uses a 75mm half ball with quick release clamp so changing heads should be effortless according to the Aviator Camera Gear (you can see a demo in the video).

The Aviator Camera Gear is looking to rise $100k and with more than 2 weeks to go they are close to $75k. You can pre-order a tripod starting at $730, the unit is expected to ship in April 2016.

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