Using 2 Mics with 1 Phone for Interview Recording

On this video photographer Curtis Judd takes a look at recording sound into an iPhone using two lav microphones for an interview style video shoot.

Judd start the video with an important explanation about the difference between a TRRS connector (with 3 black rings) and a more conventional TRS connector (with 2 black rings). The next step is choosing the right equipment – you will need a way to connect 2 mics to your smartphone – Rode has the SC6 Adapter (under $20 on Amazon) than you will need the right type of mic – as Judd explains not every mic is a good choice – some might be too weak to work in this kind of configuration – the RODE smartLav+ seems to work fine (it isn’t exactly cheap at $80).

Keep in mind that this isn’t the best option as the cables are not exactly long and so the two people that you will be recording can’t seat very far away from each other.

You can find more tips on recording sound for video work on our special HDSLR channel on

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