Xiaomi Yi HD Action Camera Review

On this video photographer Curtis Judd decided to take a quick look at the Xiaomi Yi HD action camera and see if it indeed worth the $100 that you can buy it for.

There are a ton of HD action cameras on the market right now following GoPro. Most of them are not really worth looking at but Judd actually think that the Xiaomi Yi HD brings a decent offering to the table which can compete to some degree with the GoPro especially when you keep in mind the low cost.

As long as you are O.K. with having no screen at all (everything is done using wirelessly from your phone) you can enjoy pretty decent 1080p quality video. Yes there is not a lot of control over the image which is kind of a bummer but for the target audience it is not a surprise.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi does have a new 4K model which should reach the market (globally) soon. Some units have already reached some costumers recently and you can see a video comparison of the Xiaomi Yi HD which Judd reviewed next to the 4K version:



Besides the stabilisation which might or might not be important to you depending on what you plan on doing with the camera, you can see a big difference in the dynamic range of the camera visible when you look at the skies in some parts of the video as well as the colors in general.

The 4K version should be available in about 2 weeks on Amazon for $250.

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