Anne Leibovitz: Behind the Scences Shooting Game of Thrones for Vanity Fair

The fourth season of the epic series Game of Thrones will start soon and to celebrate the happy (or should we say bloody) occasion, Vanity Fair magazine asked celebrated photographer Anne Leibovitz to shoot some of the leading cast of the series.

The behind the scences video was shot in Northern Ireland and shows some of the cast during the shots and Leibovitz working with them in the windy cold climate near the sea.

The result (the main one at least) is the cover image which includes the five main characters we will follow in the new season.

 Game of Thrones cover for Vanity Fair (Credit: Anne Leibovitz)


We have covered Leibovitz’s work on LensVid several times in the past and you can see some of her work as well as interviews on the following page you can also see some more behind the scenes videos on the BTS section here on LensVid.

VIA: slrlounge.