Canon’s Six Photographers One Subject “Experiment”

Canon recently published this video which became an instant hit online. The company decided to do a sort of a photography (some might say physiological) experiment. They used 6 pro photographers and a single subject who served as a sort of “decoy” who was photographed differently each time – the result is pretty fascinating.

According to Canon “The Lab” was designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens. The idea of this “experiment is simple – bring a subject who will present himself in different ways and ask a photographer to capture the nature of “that person” and see how the resulting images will differ. The six photographer who agreed to participate in this Canon Australia video are Chris Meredith, Jin Lim, Lyndal Irons, Kate Disher-Quill, Franky Tsang & Tristan Stefan Edouard.

Looking at the results we are not sure if we really see the different character depicted in each image but it is still a pretty interesting test and one which we would love to see again (maybe with more photographers this time and other subjects.

As always, you can find other interesting behind the scenes videos on the BTS section here on LensVid.

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