A Different Perspective: Photography Through a Glass Ball

Photographer Andrius Aleksandravičius from Lithuania created a special photography project using glass balls. Toghter with Nikon he recorded a series of videos talking about his project and even a TV commercial.

Aleksandravičius is a young photographer from Lithuania who one day decided to open a kaleidoscope where at the end he found a glass ball. He realized that when you look thorough the ball the view turns upside-down and becomes round. He tried to capture the images of different things through the ball and it made him look at the world in a different way.

With his girlfriend he traveled from Seville, to Morella, Valencia and finally to Barcelona, where he used the glass ball to create fascinating images which eventually became part of an exhibition in collaboration with Nikon which did a series of videos with the young aspiring photographer.

An interview – Andrius and the Glass Ball project

Behind the scenes of ‘A Different Perspective’

Andrius Nikon TV commercial

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