Joel Grimes on Breaking the Rules of Photography

On this short Canon video, photographer Joel Grimes talks about the magic of photography, his work and breaking the rules of photography.

Grimes is not just a talented professional commercial photographer, he is also a very talented speaker and educator. On this short video he talks with Canon as one of the company’s prestigious explorers of light and describes a bit of the way of how his career developed and how he create art in the commercial arena.

Maybe our greatest take from this short video is finding your own style of photography (your own distinct look) and making your own way through the industry doing what you want and love to do using this style – if you can do this – just like Grimes does – you know you are in a good place.

Bonus videos – an extensive (2012) interview with Grimes on SLRLounge on Creating a Unique Photography Style 



Part II of the extensive Joel Grimes interview



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