Jonathan Thorpe: inspiration Everywhere

On this video Washington, D.C. photographer and director Jonathan Thorpe talks about what inspires his photography, some of his favorite images and why.

In interviews in the past Thorpe confessed that his sees himself as a funny guy and love to make people laugh and this reflects in many of his works which are comedic in many cases – this is a nice change of paste from most of the really serious “heavy” works that we tend to see so many times in the photography world.

But Thorpe does have a more serious side and you can see it in the image that he picked for this video as his best work called “The Renaissance of Heather”, which depicts a model going through chemo treatments from leukaemia. Thorpe told in an interview that “he was very fortunate to be friends with Heather [the model] on Facebook. One day he reached out to her asking if she’d be interested in doing a shoot. She was bald at the time from her chemo, and he thought doing a beauty shoot would be pretty interesting… after reaching out to his team, his art director Amanda mentioned the ‘Birth of Venus’ painting. As soon as he saw it he knew it would be perfect”.

Thorpe works a lot with composite images which is a genre which we have covered quite a bit from different angles here on LensVid. You can watch more videos of interesting photographers on our photographer section here on LensVid.

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