Sophie Spinelle: The Shameless Pursuit of Beauty

Fantasy photographer Sophie Spinelle has been “shameless” in her pursuit of helping women discover their secret fantasies and in this talk with Josh Haftel from Adobe she talks about her work and her unique photographic perspective.

Spinelle believes that many of us stop playing and dreaming as much as we did when we were younger and she helps her clients try out different versions of themselves for a short time.

She always wanted to work on something that will change the lives of people – even in a small way. Although she had no formal training as a photographer she was able to dove into the business very quickly and turned into a professional photographer in only 3 months.

Haffel asks Spinelle to talk about some of her images and she demonstrates her process (including some pr-shoot drawings which is very methodical).

You can watch more profiles and amazing photographers of on our photographer’s section here on LensVid. Y0u can find out more of Josh Haftel photographer’s interviews for Adobe – here on LensVid.

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