Tony Corbell – Shooting the Star-Spangled Banner Flag

On this short video photographer Tamara Lackey talks to photographer Tony Corbell who talks about his experience shooting the Star-Spangled Banner flag at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

Shooting an important and priceless piece of American history like the Star-Spangled Banner flag is not just an honour and responsibility it is also extremely complex technically. There are many things which you can’t do in this type of shoot including bringing in lights and power which might somehow endanger the flag.

Besides that Corbell needed to shoot downwards from a moving platform that was built on top of the flag for the restorers . To do this he basically shot a panorama which was later stitched together to create the full flag image. Lighting was done with an on-camera flash which was the only solution to the many restrictions imposed by the Smithsonian on Corbell.

You can see a video showing the flag with a bit of background here.

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