4 in 1: Little Accessories You Really Need (Part 3) Another 4 accesories you might want to consider

Today we continue our 4-1 series of useful accessories with another set of 4 little products that we have been using here on LensVid that we think you might want to try as well (you can see part 1 in this series here and Part 2 here).

LensGo D950 Battery & Memory Card Protective Case

We have been looking for a small hard case to put our memory cards and batteries inside our bag for a long time. We came up with different solutions that sort of work but are not ideal and are mostly separate.

The brand Lensgo has all sorts of solutions for photographers including mics and wireless audio transmitters. Looking on Amazon we came across a different product from this brand that doesn’t seem to appear on their site – the D950 battery and memory card protective case.

This inexpensive hard case can hold up to 3 camera batteries like our Sony NP-FZ100 or Canon LP-E6 (and a few others) or four AA batteries instead of one of the camera batteries.

On its upper part it can hold up to 6 SD memory cards but you can also add either 3 XQD or 3 CF Cards over the SD cards (9 in total) although we only tried it with SD cards so far. It even has small switches that you can change to remind yourself if the cards are empty or full (nice idea but the drawing next to it is not that clear).

It is certainly usable and we kind of love the internal design although it doesn’t seem to fit AAA batteries or our Sony FW-50 batteries all that well and we would pay more for a metal handle and hinges.

Also, please keep in mind that this is not a waterproof case so it might give some protection against moisture or very light rain but don’t drop this with your batteries and cards into water.

For just under $14 on Amazon, however, it is a pretty decent solution, at least until we shall find a more robust case with the same features.

The LensGo D950 – a hard case for memory cards and batteries

The LensGo D950 - a hard case for memory cards and batteries

Rogue Grid Gels

Unlike modern LEDs, flashes are very much mono color and temperature devices. If you want to get colors or a warmer or cooler color temperature you need to use gels.

The Rogue Grid Gels kit that we have been using was designed for the Profoto A1 and Godox v1 but it also works well with our Godox AD 200 PRO when fitted with the round flash head and the magnetic holder from the Godox AK-R1 Accessories Kit.

This gel kit has a number of things going for it. First, each gel has text on it which tells you what it is but also what light loss to expect which is very useful.

The kit which comes in a nice soft case also includes dividers with the same information where you can see all of the 20 different gels in the kit including 8 yellow and red type gels, 6 green, and blue type gels as well a 6 very useful correction gels.

We have been using these gels for some time now in the studio and while we don’t use them very often, when we do need them, they are really helpful, and judging from comments made by other users who purchased cheap gels, the results you get from these ones are much better.

For a price of just under $28 on Amazon, these are certainly a bit more pricey but you do get what you pay for.

The Rogue Grid 20 Gels kit

The Rogue Grid 20 Gels kit

While we bought the first two products on this list, the two others we received for testing but we are only recommending them here since we actually found ourselves using them on a regular basis in the studio for what we do.

Godox CL10 small RGB LEDs

If you are looking for a sort of an “atmosphere” light to add a touch of color to your videos, Godox recently came out with the 10W RGBW CL10 LEDs.

These small round lights are USB powered (USB-C in the back), our two units came with a useful remote but they can also be controlled by the Godox app.

These lights are not designed for situations where you need high color accuracy and from what we can tell they are also not designed to be used in regular CCT mode (i.e. as daylight or tungsten lights) but just as colored gels or in one of more than a dozen different color effects.

The CL10 has a tiltable arm and a small base but you can also disconnect it and use it on any light stand which is nice but for us, it is just a cool inexpensive remote-controlled background light that is always connected to the wall and ads a little color into our intro and outro segments here on LensVid.

If you want to add a little color to a set with lights that are part of the scene or just outside it, the CL10 is a nice inexpensive option and they sell for just under $64 on Amazon.

Godox CL10 remote controlled color lights

Godox CL10 remote controlled color lights

SMALLRIG Monitor/EVF Mount Kit with NATO Rail and 15mm Rod (1903)

Now we are getting to the fourth and final product on our list today and it is one of the most useful monitor adjustable brackets made by SmallRig.

There are a bunch of quality monitor arms on the market and we covered quite a few of them with another review coming pretty soon but for our heavier more stationery rig we only use one solution – the SmallRig monitor/EVF Mount Kit.

We got it over a year ago and it works extremely well as part of a 15mm rod rig that also includes a v-mount battery on the back with some cable runs going to the monitor and camera.

The system is based around a relatively long NATO rail and three different locks so you can move the bracket in or out, up or down as well as tilt it. The only thing you can’t do is pan the monitor but for the intended use case we don’t see this as a major drawback.

The only actual drawback is that for some reason the monitor handle has no Arri locking pins which is a shame. On our rig, we connected a Lanparte MQR-01 quick release base which we reviewed here in the past and really love and it allows us to be more flexible with the monitor that we use.

For just under $100 on Amazon, the SmallRig monitor/EVF Mount Kit is a very robust solution for heavier setups that are going to keep your monitor locked in any position but make sure you still have the flexibility you need.

SmallRig Monitor/EVF Mount Kit

SmallRig Monitor/EVF Mount Kit

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