9.Solutions C-Pan Arm II Uniqe Slider (IBC 2022) Updating the C-Pan Arm

During IBC 2022 we had a chance to talk to Bo Christensen from 9.Solutions, a company specializing in innovative grip solutions, and take a close look at the 9.Solutions C-Pan Arm II – a second-generation unique slider arm.


9.Solutions is a Danish company with some very unique grip designs. They make everything from clamps, arms, VESA mounts, and special rod systems.

We have been using many of their products in our studio for the past several years and it has been reliable and extremely functional, offering gripping options that solutions from other companies did not give us (shooting products and food, we are constantly looking for more ways to hold products, accessories, and small DIY lighting modifiers.

C-Pan Arm II

The C-Pan Arm II shown on IBC for the first time is an upgraded version of the original C-Pan Arm introduced a few years back by the company. The basic idea is simple. This is a sliding arm that can be set to move in a virtually infinite number of curves so it can function as a straight horizontal slider a curved horizontal slider a vertical slider or any angle in between.

The C-Pan Arm II has a horizontal load of 17 lb / 8 kg and a vertical load of 13 lb / 6 kg it weighs only 7.7 lb / 3.5 kg which is the biggest difference compared to the original version which was significantly heavier due to the new carbon fiber build and the dumbbells used for counterweight weighs in at 8.8 lb / 4 kg.

The horizontal pan radius is 55 in / 140 cm and the curve radius (Outward) is 59 in / 1.5 m – very impressive for a unit that measures about 21″ or 55cm when folded.

The C-Pan Arm II at IBC 2022

9.solutions C-Pan Arm II

The C-Pan Arm II comes with dumbbells that can be used to counterweigh vertical movements and/or to smoothen and stabilize horizontal moves (you can use normal dumbbells so if you need to take the unit on a plane you can purchase those at your destination and save weight on the flight).

Another important update to the new version is the offset dumbbell holder so you can use wider angle lenses without getting the dumbells in the frame.

We understand that there are plans to develop a motor for horizontal pans which can be a nice addition although even as it is the arm has a very smooth motion – more so than most sliders that we tested in the past.


The C-Pan Arm II is available for pre-order for $1500 on B&H.

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