Irix Magnetic Matte Box: Hands On (IBC 2022) Affordable magnetic matte box

Today we have the first of two videos we shot at IBC with Karol Pietka at the Irix booth and this time around we are discussing the upcoming Irix magnetic Matte Box which works with the company’s magnetic filters.

Irix Megnetic Matte Box:

Irix has expanded its line of magnetic filters (now including VND, CPL, and UV filters) that can be used on its Cine lenses directly without the need for adapters (the lenses have a strong magnet on the front so you don’t need to screw the Irix filters although you can if you want to).

For those using the filter system, Irix decided to develop an optional, affordable Matte Box that can be used with the filters on non-Irix lenses in a simple magnetic drop-in style (and the Matte box will of course operate as a normal matte box for preventing light coming from above.

The Matte Box is simple and lightweight, made from ABS and Carbon fiber, and has a diameter of 95mm but you will also get some adapters for smaller lenses so it can be used on non-Cine lenses if you like.

In terms of lenses that can be used with the filters on this matte box, Irix tested this combination with lenses as wide as 15mm and it should work fine, anything wider and you might start getting issues with the corners of the image.

Pricing and availability

The magnetic matte box that we saw in IBC is still a prototype and according to Pietka the final version should reach the market in a few weeks with an expected retail price of around $80 or so.

This is the first of two upcoming products shown to us by Irix at the show. The second will also be posted here shortly.

For more of our coverage on LensVid from IBC 2022 – please visit the following link.

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