A Look at the Next Release of Adobe Premeire Pro CC (Late 2015)

On this video Jason Levine from Adobe takes a look at some of the upcoming features in the next release of Adobe Premeire Pro CC (coming in late 2015).

Earlier this year Adobe continued to reveal upcoming improvements of its video related software including Premiere, After Effects and Audition such as improvements in color workflow, sharing, UHD, gesture control and more. We have shared that video and now we have a new one straight from IBC 2015 with more details and demonstrations closer to the actual release.

Levine starts by talking about the changes that are coming to color – and the rational behind them (basically making the workflow more like what you might be used to from say Lithroom or CameraRAW). To us these capabilities look truly amazing and easy to use.

On the upcoming version you will also be able to work with libraries there is also a lot of potential play with apps as well as adding HDR in video. One of the big things is support for H.265 (!) which you can find on the Samsung NX1 for example. There are also interesting changes to sound (loudness normalization in a more intelligent way and more).

We can’t wait to try all these new additions to Premiere Pro CC coming later in 2015 – we will keep you posted.

You can find more tutorials on video editing on our new section here on LensVid.

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