Adobe Showcase Upcoming Features for Premiere 2015 CC and More

At the IBC Show 2015 that will open tomorrow, Adobe will demo the next wave of innovation coming soon to Adobe Creative Cloud pro video & audio tools including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, and Adobe Audition CC – the following is an official quick look at some of these features.

Adobe continues the gradual improvements of its video related software including Premiere, After Effects and  Audition and this time we are about to witness improvements in color workflow, sharing, UHD, gesture control and more.

The following are  a list of specific videos demonstrating some of these new features.
Upcoming UltraHD Format Support for Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Optical flow time remapping for Adobe Premiere Pro CC
HDR Workflows for Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Touch & Gesture Based Editing & Compositing (Adobe Creative Cloud)
Remix, Generate Speech & Automatic Loudness Correction (Adobe Audition CC)
CC Libraries & CreativeSync (Adobe Creative Cloud)

You can find more tutorials on video editing on our new section here on LensVid.

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