Creating a Music Remix in Premiere Elements 15

Adobe just introduced two new software – Photoshop and Premiere Elements version 15. Both have several improvements meant to make the lives of (mostly) new image and video editors easier.

Last year Adobe introduced the 14’th version of its dual elements software (see here) and now its time for a refresh yet again. the Photoshop elements has several new features including enhanced search functionality for locating images, touch capability, instant fix to multiple images, the option to easily make a person in a photo look as if he/she were smiling, and fix squinting eyes.

When it comes to Premiere Elements 15 you now have a new de-haze tool (like the one in Photoshop and Lightroom) the ability to create photo/video collages and our favorite – the ability to remix a sound track to a specific length (see video above).

Getting started with Premiere Elements 15

You can find more information on Adobe’s blog.

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