5 Ways for Removing any Color Cast in Photoshop

On this video, photographer Jimmy McIntyre looks at five different ways for removing color cast.

It is always good to have different ways to remove color cast because every image is different and some techniques might work for a specific image and others will not.

Here are the techniques – some are very simple and basic – some are a bit more advanced:

  • Image>auto color.
  • Image adjustments>match color>neutralize.
  • Filter>camera RAW – as shot>auto.
  • If you have another image (with no cast) you can go to Image adjustments>match color>source – and choose the second image (it needs to be open in a Photoshop tab).
  • Curve/level layer – choose the white dropper tool and choose a white area in the image.

You can download Jimmy McIntyre’s action for removing color cast from this page if you want to save some work/time.

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