A Quick Look at Perfectly Clear Photoshop & Lightroom Plug-Ins

On this quick video photographer Rafael Concepcion (from Kelby Training) talks to Riley Stricklin from the software company athentech which makes the Perfectly Clear Photoshop & Lightroom Plug-Ins.

Sometimes you want a quick retouch. If you are in a hurry or you have lots of images to process in a short amount of time. When the choice is between not processing at all (or processing just a very small number) and doing a quick process which might be good enough – the second option might be a better idea (at least in some cases).

Athentech created a set of plugins for both Photoshop and Lightroom which allows you to quickly process an image and at least according to the quick demo above – does a pretty decent work with some little effort on the user’s part.

Of course if you really need the best retouch – there are better, more powerful and accurate tools in both Lightroom and surly in Photoshop – however if you are in a rush – this might be worth checking out.

As for pricing, Perfectly Clear Photoshop Plug-in version 2 will cost you $150 (and so will the Lightroom version – a bundle is just under $200). If you are not sure check out the 30 days free trial

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