How to Create a Colored Vignette in Lightroom

On this quick video by photographer Anthony Morganti he demonstrates how to create a colored vignette using Adobe Lightroom.

Everybody knows how to add a black or white vignette in Lightroom – it is located in the effects module. But let’s say that you would like to create a colored vignette – this tool is not the one which can help you here. Instead, Morganti suggests that you will use the radial filter.

Use the cmd/cntrl to create a radial filter on the entire image – this gives you a round circle like shape in the center of the image and using the color option you can pick a color and play with the image until it will look just like you want.

One thing to keep in mind about this neat trick – this will work best with an image which has a subject in the center and less going on in the sides (like this image) it will probably have less effect on a more spread out image with lots of subjects – but play around and see what you get.

If you are more into Photoshop – we also have a simple video showing you how to create a vignette in Photoshop by Bryan O’Neil Hughes from Adobe.

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