How to Best Upload Your Photos to Facebook (2015)

On this Photoshop video photographer Nino Batista explains how he adds his photos to facebook after working with them on Photoshop.

Facebook has a problem. Each day tens of millions of images are uploaded to the network. So what does Facebook do? compress the hell out of them of course. In late 2014 Batista wrote an article on the subject for Fstoppers website. It is a long article and a few things changed since than but it still worth checking out.

On this video Batista looks on a vertical image. First you need to change the size of the image to make it the right size for Facebook – the largest size that works – 960 x 640 pixels. Make sure you are sharpening after you resize (you need to sharpen for the specific size you have). Now you need to save for web and Batista suggest to save on PNG -24 (with all the settings Batista talks about around 6:00). Try and make your PNG under 1MB size.

This should work on your timeline and your albums but at least for now it will not work on your personal feed – it will be converted automatically to JPEG (until Facebook will change that – if at all). Also – for horizontal images Batista actually suggest JPEG with specific settings (see the horizontal section of his article).

On this video Batista talks about his experience of working and preparing images for facebook. Now it is important to remember that facebook changes their site all the time. So what might be true now, might not be true tomorrow – but it is worth at least a try as this problem can be very annoying especially for photographers who care about the quality and size of their images.

You can find many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section. You can check out all of Batista’s videos here on LensVid on this link.

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