How to Create a Lightsaber in Photoshop in Under 1 Minute

Every once in a while you might feel a bit whimsical and want to create a cool effect in Photoshop but don’t want to mess around to much with complex tools and techniques – This really quick video by Howard Pinsky demonstrates how to create a lightsaber in Photoshop in under 1 minute so you can turn yourself into a virtual jedi.

The first step is of course to pick the right image – preferably one where you (or your model) look like you are holding a saber (any sword/stick will do just fine here). Remove the sword (using the patch tool or any other similar method).

Create a new layer for your saber and pick a brush and set the hardness to 25% and pick a very light version of the color you want your brush to be (in this example – blue). Create a straight line with the brush (using the shift key). Now, to create a glow, double click on the saber layer you created and add outer glow (see Pinsky’s specific definitions here on the video), finally add a layer mask and brush a bit of black to have the saber look more realistic. Here you have it – you just created a light saber in under a minute!

You can check out more of Pinsky’s videos on our Photoshop Channel here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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