10 Tips for Shooting with a GoPro

Although we are just getting into the summer in the northern hemisphere, we still thought that it could be cool to share with you this 10 tips video published last year by Kevin from SnowboardProCamp looking at using GoPro.

So this video looks at some tips for using a GoPro – mostly for action sports like snowboarding, but we assume that at least some of these tips are relevant for any type of shooting.

Here are the 10 tips:

  1. Use a selfie stick – better in many situations than shooting with a head mounted camera (less shake – although when riding a bike you might need those hands…). Oh, and whatever you do – don’t bring it to south Korea.
  2. Extra batteries – this is a no brainer – keep fully charged extra batteries with you at all times.
  3. Select your frame rate – for fast action when you might want to do a slow-motion shot in post – shoot at 60fps (or 120fps -depending on the resolution your will be working with). For regular shots 24p or 30p should be your choice.
  4. Angles – Don’t shoot all of your video from the same angle – it can be very boring – try different angles and combine in post.
  5. External mic – if you are going to need sound from the video – the internal mic of the GoPro should not be your choice – pick up a small external mic/recorder.
  6. Get close –  The GoPro has a very wide angle lens – if you want  dramatic shots of your subject looking big – you will need to be close – very close (just be careful not to get hurt).
  7. (Don’t Use) Helmet mount – a helmet mount might be the right way if you need both hands but otherwise it tend to be shaky – a selfie stick or other small mount might be a better option.
  8. Clean lens – especially when doing extreme sports with the GoPro – make sure that the lens is clean (nothing worse than to get back home and find that dirt is abstracted your nice videos).
  9. Frame correctly – make sure that all the right things are in frame – for example – if you are shooting a snowboarder – make sure that the snowboard is in the frame at all times (aim for the hips.
  10. Be selective – don’t shoot everything – try and choose the most interesting moments (as much as possible), otherwise you will be left with hours of boring video to sort through.

As always you can find more helpful photography tips on our Photography tips section here on LensVid.

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