How to Balance Flash with Fairy Lights for Portrait Photography

On this video tutorial photographer Gavin Hoey takes a look at an interesting studio shoot where flash light is combined with the very weak fairy light on the head of a model.

Coming up with the right combination of light for this shoot was not simple. It takes quite a few tries to get the dim fairy lights look good and even than you still need to make the proper exposure with the rest of the image. Another big challenge – with the lights used a very slow shutter speed was required – about 1/20 of a second or even lower – this is a very hard on the model which can’t move. Ultimately the images were not 100% sharp – there might have been other ways of countering this but Hoery choose to work on the image in Photoshop and make it more of a soft glow type image.

We have looked at different aspects of shooting with a speedlight in a studio including “Building up to Multiple Flash Units” with photographer Ben Long, “One Light Studio Portraits” with Tony  Corbell, “Dramatic Portrait Lighting” with Joe McNally and “Using Reflectors” with Hoey himself.

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