Creating the Perfect Two Light Executive Portrait

In this video, photographer Jay P. Morgan from the website the Slanted Lens takes us behind a scenes of a portrait shoot of three executives on the rooftop in downtown Pasadena. What is especially interesting in this type of shoot is the combination between natural light and the one and than 2 lighting setup used by Morgan once the sun started to set down.

In the past we already published a different video by Morgan looking at a simple corporate portrait shot which covered a somewhat different scenario.

In the end of the current video Morgan also takes a look at the new Photoflex FlexFlash Strobe – here is a more in-depth look at this new strobe from the manufacturer showing some of the units capabilities:



The FlexFlash 200W Strobe  sells for about $320 on B&H.

You can find all of Jay P. Morgan’s videos here on LensVid on the following link.

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