GI JENS: an Amazing Self Promotion Photography Campaign

Almost two years ago Copenhagen based photographer Jens Lennartsson decided to embark on a self promotion campaign. Instead of sending a portfolio of his works to potential clients like everybody else, Lennartsson decided to do something different – very different.

Jens Lennartsson and the finished action figures – a new way to do self promotion

GI-JENS-4He wanted to send his future clients something they will not throw away or hide in a drawer – something that will represent himself and be a conversation starter – so he made the closest thing to himself he could – a GI JENS action figure!

The process was complex and long (as you can see from the behind the scenes video above). It took a long time to find a Chinese manufacturer that can create a doll in his image (no, this was done old school and not with a 3D printer). After a lot of back and forth with the manufacturer Lennartsson finally had a model he was pleased with and a few weeks later he got a shipment of 400 tiny GI JENS action figures.

Lennartsson’s pictures for the action figure


Now began a process of painting each figure by hand and creating the package to go with each figure (all of which can also be seen in the video). Finally, after more than a year – the ready action figures were sent to  potential clients.

The finished product – sent to potential clients


Was it worth it? to be honest we are not sure, but Lennartsson did get a lot of coverage and publicity from the project and while some of these figurines are going potential clients as a promo, Lennartsson is also selling them in return for advertising on his site to continue to fund his organization that gives kids in developing countries the opportunity to tell their own stories through photography – a nice touch indeed.

GI JENS in a box


A GI JENS open box video


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