How to Get Loud Consistent Sound for Video

On this video by our colleague photographer and videographer Curtis Judd, we look at a very important yet sometimes ignored aspect of sound for video – how to ensure that the sound on your videos is loud enough and that it is consistent from video to video.

So you are making videos and recording audio and you realise that even when you normalise the sound on a specific video what happens is that you get peaks which are normalised (no clippings) BUT if the rest of the sound is not as laud you have a problem – even more problematic – if you have a YouTube channel for example – not all of your videos will have the same loudness.

To combat this problem, Judd offers 3 different methods. The first is done when exporting in premiere pro (other editing applications might have different options as Judd demonstrated) and you just need to enter some specific settings in the effects>loudness normalisation tab.

The second option is to use an online service called auphonic (it is free for up to 2 hours of audio processing per month).

The third method is more complex and manual and you can learn about it on the video below (part two of the video above)


Bonus video – Curtis Judd on how to create Screencasts on Mac with Screenflow


You can check out more of Judd’s videos which focus mostly on audio and video here on LensVid  finally if you are into sound recording for video productions check out this link which covers both equipment and techniques here on LensVid.

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