How to Make Household Dolly Hacks!

Ryan Connolly from Film Riot  takes a look at how you can create a smooth moving shot without a real dolly with minimum budget.

A dolly is a really useful tool for recording different effects for videos and movie productions. However, a pro dolly can be expensive and if you are on a really tight budget – there are other options which might not be perfect but can give you an I.K. result at little to no cost.

On this video Connolly shares a few simple examples such as using cardboard, office chair with wheels or even a real wheelchair. You can even use a can (but be careful when driving with you camera on the hood!).

We have already shown you in the past how fenchel & janisch use a tripod to make Tracking Shots and if you actually want a dolly you can build one from PVC – its real simple as you can see in this video by  Scott Eggleston.

Iddo Genuth
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