Kevin Ames: Moving to Studio Strobes

In this fascinating lecture at B&H, commercial photographer Kevin Ames discusses the topic of studio flash units and how to use them and demonstrate some of the relevant concepts using numerous visual examples.

Although Ames can be a bit technical at times (something which is not uncommon amongst photographers who spent a large part of their career during the analog days of photography), for the most part he is able to explain even relatively complex concepts in a very clear way. Although Ames works and talks specifically about Dynalite studio lights, he emphasizes that for the most part everything that he talks about can be done with almost any studio light and some of it even with speedlites.

Although Ames’ lecture is probably the most comprehensive one we published here on the subject, you might want to check out a few more interesting videos on this topic including:  “Strobes Buying Guide” with Dutch fashion and glamour photographer Frank Doorhof, “How to Use Continuous Light and Strobes Together” with Jay P. Morgan and “Mixing Strobes and Speedlights on Location” with  Joe Brady.

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