Matt Parry: Travel Photography in Montenegro

On this video, Matt Perry, award-winning travel photographer, brings us with him on a photo-trip to Kotor in Montenegro (one of the Balkan states across from Italy), a gorgeous port town with rippling blue waters, fascinating architecture and shares some of his tips and tricks for great travel images.

Perry visited over 50 countries across six continents and shot for countless publications and has vast travel shooting experience so if you are into travel photography – either professionally or even just talking some great pictures on your upcoming trip – this video can be a great watch (plus the views are just spectacular).

This video is actually part of a series (this is the the third one) of challenges where Perry visits three locations in three days on a budget of less than $650.

We don’t cover travel photography that often although this is actually one of the most common photography types there is. In this video Perry talks about his gear (nothing too special actually but a Variable ND filter is very important for these types of day shootings).

If you liked this one you will probably want to check out the other two in this series – below.

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You can find the full blog post about this challenge at Wex photographic.

Also you can check out another video which we posted from Wex on travel photography with Landscape photographer Matty Graham called Dramatic Landscape Photography in the Faroe Islands.

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