Reduce Noise Using Audacity – a Quick Sound Tutorial

On this video, photographer and videographer Curtis Judd takes a look at reducing unwanted noises from a sound (or video) file using the free software Audacity.

Although there are some very advanced sound editing software out there from Adobe and other companies, you can do quite a few things with the free Audacity software which we have been using for several years ourselves every once in a while when we need to tweak the sound on some of LensVid’s videos.

You can clean up the sound in your video using the free audio editing software Audacity. It comes with a noise reduction plugin that makes it quick and easy to cut back the noise so that your audience can focus on your story. You will need to have a sound file – so if you record the sound into your camera (for example we use an external recorder but stream it back into the camera), you will need to split the sound from the video first as Audacity doesn’t do this on its own (there are free software that can do that as well depending on the specific format of your video file).

The first step to reduce noise is to highlight a moment of noise. After you choose that and go to the noise reduction – get a noise profile and than choose the full segment with noise and remove the noise.

What you need to know here is by how much you want to remove the noise so that you will not remove noise that you do want to keep – so much of this video deals with the exact settings that you need to apply to remove just the noise you do not want – basically you will need to play with it a little to find the best match for your file – but from our experience – in many cases it does work (although it isn’t magic – especially if you have lots of noise and if it isn’t constant).

On LensVid we have a very extensive section devoted to sound recording for video productions which covers both equipment and techniques here on LensVid.

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