Tips for Shooting with Multiple Cameras

On this B&H video, producer Chase Kubasiak takes a look at the subject of shooting video with multiple cameras.

The first tip is to match the cameras you have. Of course it is best to have several copies of the same exact camera – but this is not always possible for various reasons – at the very least match color, frame rate, shutter speed and ISO and try and shoot with the same log (if you are using log to color grade later). Even if you are not shooting with the same exact camera try shooting with a camera from the same brand – colors tend to be more similar – and if you are shooting with two completely different cameras – try and shoot with log.

Also remember that video resolution is a factor – if one camera shoots in 4k and the other in 1080p – than you will need to either downscale the 4K to 1080p or upscale the 1080p to 4K (both are not the best things to do in most cases – although downscaling is possibly the better route for the time being as not too many people have 4K displays).

The same matching should be done with lenses – lenses looks different so try and get lenses from either the same manufacturer (and level or series) or at least two which look (in video) close enough (basically experiment and see what you get). Also match exposure (this doesn’t necessary mean to match apertures – you can increase/decrease your ISO as well).

Synchronizing the video itself can be done on the camera level on cameras which support timecode (mostly high-end video cameras although there are now even solutions for DSLRs) or in post. A slate or clapping can also work.

Camera positioning is an important part of shooting with multiple cameras – you haev to think in advance where and how to place each camera – it also really dependant in what type of shoot you are doing – a video clip will usually be very different than an interview.

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