Understanding and Using Hyper Focal Distances

On this Adorama video photographer Doug McKinlaylooks at a subject that might interest many landscape photographer (but not just them) – Hyper Focal Distance – how to calculate and use it in your photography.

To get the maximum depth of field (i.e. the most part of your frame in focus) you will need to set the aperture on your lens in most situations to at least f/8 and in most case f/11 or f/16 (and sometimes even this will not be enough). Other factors has to do with the specific lens, your and camera sensor size. To calculate the hyper focal distance for your specific gear you can use a depth of field calculator (you can find some online – like this one, or download an app for your mobile phone such as this one for iOS and this one for Android)

A few years back Mark Wallace did his own take on Hyper Focal Distance which we think is much more clear

For more info on Hyper Focal Distance we recommend the very useful technical site – cambridgeincolour.

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