Understanding Colored Gels for Video and Photography

On this video, Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter discusses the two main type of gels used in photography and videography – the corrective and creative and talks about what they are, how they work and gives some suggestions to specific types and brands.

Pike starts this video by talking about the type of gels that exist (the first 4 are corrective gels):

  • CTB (color temperature blue)
  • CTO (color temperature orange)
  • Plus Green (green)
  • Minus Green (magenta)
  • Effect/color/DJ gels (various colors)

These are Pikes recommendations for gels:

We covered the topic of working with colored gels in the past several times including “Using Gels to Change the Scene” by photographer Joe McNally as well as “Working with Color and White Balance and Using Gels” by  Daniel Norton.

You can find many more helpful lighting tips here. LensVid. You can also check out more of Wallace tutorials here on LensVid.

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