Vintage Portraits on a Budget

In this video, photographer Jay P. Morgan from the Slanted Lens continues his look at how people lived their lives in different times through the viewfinder – this time he looks at shooting a WWII vintage shot in an airport.

Shooting portraits of people which looks like they are from different time periods can be extremely expensive. To overcome this Morgan goes to museums which specializes in specific time-frames such as World War II in this case (specifically ones with clothing and other periodic artifacts).

Using reenactors (there are many groups especially in the U.S.) can be very helpful for these types of shoots. Locations are going to be limited due to the need for using large props which can’t really be moved (like the aircraft in this case).

Finally Morgan talks about the exposure and lighting he used and the editing process which was meant to create a vintage look (and was pretty successful we have to say).

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