8 Cool Accessories For Nature Photographers

o On this very video wildlife and nature photographer Steve Perry (from backcountrygallery) takes a look at 8 different useful accessories that will help you as nature/wildlife photographer.

We love handy accessories – they can make our lives so much easier in the field and they don’t necessarily need to cost that much. Perry has years of experience as a pro nature and wildlife photographer and he collected several neat accessories (we added a few of our own as well) so let’s check them out:

  1. Lens wipes – you can go with Nikon or Zeiss (we would also highly recommend the VisibleDust Magic Cleaner ultra-thin microfiber cleaning cloth which we have been using for several years now for our lens cleaning needs).
  2. Pipe Insulationinexpensive solution for shooting from a car window.
  3. Accessories pouch – great for small items that you really need such as extender – Perry likes the Running buddy.
  4. AquaTech Lens Cap – this soft cover replacement for long telephoto lenses is made from rubber and is much more compact. Do note that this is lens specific and there seem to be only a handful of supported lenses so pick the right one.
  5. Eddie Bauer Stowaway Packable 20L Daypack – this is a really inexpensive and compact backpack that you can just throw away with the rest of your stuff as a backup and use it if you want something small and light and not your large heavy backpack for a shorter hike.
  6. EPGear Pod Pad – if you are walking with your heavy tripod and long lens open in nature a lot – this is for you – it is just like a little pillow for your shoulder and it isn’t expensive either.
  7. Acratech Stainless Steel 5/32 Allen Wrench – this tiny Allen key is super cool and it is especially great if you are removing L brackets and other similar type QR plates. Another option is the Topeak Mini 9 Bike Tool which is more versatile (they have other versions like this Mini Plus 18-Function Bicycle Tool which is a bit more expensive but has significantly more tools (including an all-important flat head screw).
  8. LensCoat Travel Hood – this is a little bit more expensive but it allows Perry to leave his large and cumbersome hood at home when he travels.


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