A Look at the Walimex Pro Anti Twist Mount

German manufacturer Walimex Pro has a new tiny accessory that can make your life just a little bit easier. It is called the walimex pro anti twist mount and it was designed to hold a magic arm in a way that it will not twist on its own.

Sometimes it is the small things that can ruin your day – a magic arm can be a really useful tool but if it keeps falling backwards or forwards because it is only connected in one place with a rotating screw – you might have a problem (we actually ran into a very similar problem with our DIY overhead camera rig – we didn’t use a magic arm there but we sort of had a similar problem where the head that we used was connected using a 3/8″ screw and it kept twisting under the weight of the camera).

The Walimex Pro Anti Twist Mount has a design which includes two screws – one which is tight down using an Allen wrench in such a way that the magic arm can’t twist on its own – if it works like you see in the video – it can really be a life saver for people using external monitors and other accessories using magic arms.

The Walimex Pro Anti Twist Mount connected to a wooden plate with a magic arm

Walimex Pro Anti Twist MountOne nice thing you can do with this unit is attach it for example to a wooden surface using screws and have a very strong hold (the company has an image – below – showing a magic arm holding a GH4 with a cage on a wooden plate using the Walimex Pro Anti Twist Mount).

As for pricing, the unit cost just under $50 on Amazon – not cheap – but if you are a pro user and have a problem with a magic arm that keeps falling – maybe this can be a worthwhile purchase for you.

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VIA: cinema5d.

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