Benjamin Von Wong Plays with the New Light-Blaster

The Light Blaster is a new an innovative product. It combines a speedlight with a slide projector (yes those old 35mm slides) and a Canon EF mount for a lens.

Using the Blaster is very simple – you put your speedlight on one side, connect any old Canon EF lens to the other side (there is a Nikon adapter as well for a few extra dollars) and you pop a 35mm slide in the middle. Don’t have a slide – you can use any old negative or even printed¬†transparencies (and the manufacturer even created some relatively inexpensive creative kits with interesting patterns that you can try).

On this video photographer Benjamin Von Wong does a quick preview of some of what the Blaster can do. You can actually do a lot more with it depending on how creative you are, what slides you have and how you use the Blaster.

You can order the Light-Blaster online for $100 (as well as more creative kit patterns and the Nikon adapter). More info can also be found on the DIYphotography website.

Here are a few other video/stills examples but all of the seems to just scratch the surface of what the Light-Blaster can actually do in the hands of creative photographers:

Jill Rosell doing a portrait with the Blaster


Renee Robyn doing a fashion shoot with the Blaster



Some images made with the Blaster