Canon G7X vs. Sony RX100 MK III Camera Shootout

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from from the Camera Store in Canada took 2 of the most advanced new large sensor compact camera from Sony and Canon for a head to head comparison.

The new Canon G7X is very similar to the older RX100 II but has a longer and faster lens (similar to that of the Sony RX100 III in terms of aperture – f/1.8-f/2.8 but about 20mm longer).

As they have done in the past with this type of head to head comparisons,  Niccolls got one of the cameras (the Sony) while Drake got the other one (Canon). The bottom line if you are anxious to know is pretty clear – when compared to the Sony RX100 III (see older review here) the Canon is inferior almost in all aspects across the board (maybe apart from the lens). The Canon is cheaper and in this respect is closer to the RX100 II. One thing that the guys didn’t cover on this review is battery life and here the Sony seems to be a much better performer from all that we know.

The Canon G7X in Photokina 2014


There is another option in the market if you are looking for a large sensor compact camera and that is the Panasonic LX100 which was also covered by Niccolls and Drake a few weeks ago and got some very positive feedback (and has an even larger micro 4/3 sensor compared to the smaller 1″ sensor of both the RX100 I/II/III and Canon G7X).

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