DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Primes: 32mm, 65mm & 90mm T2.8: First Look A trio of full frame Cine proffesional macro lenses

DZOFilm recently introduced a trio of macro Cine full-frame lenses – the DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Primes which come in three focal lengths – 32mm, 65mm & 90mm all in a T.28 apertures.

Professional Cine Macro Lenses

DZOFilm has several lines of zoom and prime lenses including the Catta, the Vaspid, Pictor, and now the all-new Gnosis Macro line.

While a number of companies sell macro Cine lenses, there is a lack of quality sets of pro macro line sets where you can use different focal lengths with similar characteristics and looks to achieve your cinematic goal.

The Gnosis line currently includes three lenses, all covering full frame (they come with a PL / EF / ARRI LPL mounts which are user replaceable). They have 11 elements in 9 groups (the 65mm has only 8).

All three lenses are made from aluminum (their weights are 1460g, 1447.5g,1280.5g respectively), they all share a 105mm front filter thread and are all the same length (112mm).

The 32/65/90mm lens allows you to get an incredible amount of detail and discover the astonishing image of the microcosm at the minimum focusing distance of 17-26cm with a 1:1/1.33:1/1.5:1 magnification ratio respectively.

All three lenses use an industry-standard front diameter of 114mm, compatible with matte boxes and other accessories.

When it comes to actual magnification, the 32mm lens has a 1:1 magnification at 0.167m / 6.6″ while the 65mm lens is 1.33x magnification at 0.237m / 9.36″, and the 90mm has a 1.5x magnification at 0.258m / 10.2″ away.

The three DZOFilm Gnosis macro prime lenses

DZOFILM Genosis macro Cine

Wide angle macro Cine lens

Out of the three lenses, the 32mm T2.8 might be the most interesting and unique. While normal and short telephoto macro lenses are relatively common, having a wide angle full frame Cine lens is rare (while there are some close focusing lenses having 1:1 or above magnification in a FF Cine is very rare for a wide lens).

While the immediate benefits of having a 1:1 (or higher) macro wide angle Cine might not be obvious to those who are not shooting things such as products and food, we can certainly state that such a lens will certainly come in handy when you want to create a macro shot with a more environmental background in the shot.

Pricing and availability

The new DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Primes are available for purchase individually or as a kit. Each lens sells for $5390 and the three-lens kit sells for just under $16,000.

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