Grip Hardware Essentials 101

On this video, Dominic D’Astice from RocketJump Film School discusses different gripping accessories, how to use them and how they work.

Even if you work in large productions all the time there might still be many gripping aids which you will not be familiar with (there are simply so many of them). On this video D’Astice looks at many of these including platypus (used mainly for bounce boards), cardellinis (used for clamping different accessories), ghobo heads, mafer clamps/super clamps, lollipops, combo stands, ears, c-clamps, baby grid clamps and many many others.

D’Astice also talks about different security aspects may of these accessories might be holding very heavy equipment high up and you don’t want anything to fall on somebody’s head so you need to secure everything and in many cases also double secure your lights.

D’Astice also covers apple boxes and how you use them as well as sand bags and this is just the very basics of what you might run into when working on a set of a production. Even if you are just working on your own small studio or outdoor shoots it is really a good idea to know some of these grip types – maybe you won’t use all of them but some might prove very handy.

We just wanted to mention that we published our own review of a C-stand just a few days ago so if you were interested in this video you might like that one as well.

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