Head to Head Fujifilm XH1 vs. Sony A7 IIII

On this video photographers, Jay P. Morgan and Kenneth Morgan (from the Slanted Lens) takes a look at two ~$2000 mirrorless cameras – Sony a7 III and the Fujifilm XH1.

At first glance this comparative review of two pretty different cameras might sound strange – on the one hand you have the APS-C sized sensor Fujifilm XH1 and on the other hand a Full Frame Sony A7III – can you even compare them evenly?

Well, Morgan (and Morgan) seems to think that you can and they did a pretty extensive side by side on the video above with some interesting results.

First, image quality. at normal lighting conditions it seems that the two cameras produce very similar quality images (this isn’t that surprising by the way – a lot of modern cameras from the same generation/resolution produce very similar quality images these days.

Where you can find a difference is in shooting speed (big advantage to the Sony) and even more so in AF speed and accuracy (again a big advantage to the Sony with a lot more frame coverage ion AF-C). Eye AF is also a huge advantage of the Sony.

The dynamic range is an interesting test – colors on the Fuji seems better and it also tends to hold it a bit better when underexposing but for overexposure, the Sony again has a huge advantage.

As for ISO – Surprisingly the difference here isn’t huge with a little bit of an advantage to the Sony at 12,800 (the max Fuji ISO).

As for video – the Fuji again seems to have much better colors and the image stabilization is great but AF is a pain. Another surprising revelation – the Fuji seems to have better slow motion  (at least less compressed).

Another big difference is the battery – the new Sony battery is much better than the one in the Fuji and the lack of a headphone jack on the Fuji is a big letdown at a camera in this price range in 2018.

Aso for pricing, the Fujifilm XH1 is now a little less expensive than when it was first introduced at around $1650 while the Sony is still around the $2K mark.

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Iddo Genuth
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