How to Make Your Own Smartphone Camera Microscope

We love macro photography, but who said that you need to have an expensive camera and lens to shoot tiny objects? This cool little inexpensive DIY project will show you how to make your own camera-microscope capable of shooting all those little things you wanted to capture for so long.

Kenji Yoshino published this DIY project for the Make magazine. All you will need are a few tools, the focus lens from a cheap laser pointer and about $10 worth of materials from the hardware store – and of course some good DIY spirit.

Looking at the result of the project the one thing that we feel is missing is something that will fix the smartphone in place each time with the macro lens in front of the camera. a simple possible solution might be to either mark a straight line or better of – add a small straight piece of plastic/wood or anything else that you will have your smartphone push against as a permanent place holder.

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