Image Sensors Explained in 6 Min

Ever wondered how an image sensor which are used as the basis for modern day digital cameras work? Well, Linus Sebastian (from LinusTechTips) decided to do a quick video intended to remove at least some of the mystery.

Linus is usually known for his

On this video Linus tries to explain how analog cameras used to catch light, how our eyes do that and finally how modern images sensors (CCDs and more commonly CMOS sensors) do that digitally. Linus also talks briefly about processors and the way our brain is actually the ultimate image processor.

There are lots and lots of things that this 6 min video did not cover (despite Linus super fast talking speed, seriously – does this guy stops to breathe?). Sensor size is no less important then sensor technology, manufacturing techniques (pixel pitch or basically the size of each pixel), sensor sensitivity, dynamic range and color range (shown very briefly in the video) are also extremely important – but hay – there is always room for a next video.

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