Kapsones – Photo-Fashion with 3D Printed Hood

Netherlands based startup Kapsones recently released this video of its new fashion statement product for photographers. The company developed a 3D printed hood, currently available in 4 different colors/patterns for 4 different Canon lenses (we are checking with the company if they are planing support for more lenses soon):

  • Canon 28-80mm.
  • Canon 28-90mm.
  • Canon 18-55mm IS.
  • Canon 18-35mm IS II.

DSLRs didn’t really change that much in the past few decades in terms of external design – most of the are black and to the untrained eye they all look more or less identical. Photographers who would like to make a fashion statement with their camera or just to look slightly different than the rest of the crowed might find the idea of uniquely designed hood intriguing.


According to Kapsones their colored lens hood should not effect the color of the image (but you can always choose black if you are not sure). you can order the Kapsones hoods for around 20 Euros from the company webstore.