LensVid Exclusive: Interview with Nikon in Lisbon (D7100 & COOLPIX A)

Earlier this year we conducted a video interview in Lisbon with Marina Gurevich (product manager for the D7100 in Nikon Europe) and Zurab Kiknalidze (who is the product manager for Lenses, software and accessories for Nikon and for the sake of the interview represented the Coolpix A side for Nikon).

Although we didn’t have a chance to ask all the questions that we wanted due to time restrictions, the full interview is still a very respectable 17 min. One of the things which the interview did not show was a suprising demonstration by Zurab Kiknalidze from Nikon who just before the interview showed us how strong the back LCD of te D7100 really is by taking a metal key and scratching the screen repeatedly with great force (don’t try this at home kids…). Nothing happened to the LCD and we did not notice any scratches what so ever (Nikon did not comment on the exact type of coating used and how it is similar or different then Gorilla Glass for example).

The entire interview was shot with a D7100.

Special thanks to Idan Presser from Composition Magazine who set down with us for the interview.

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