A Look at G-Technology’s New Portable SSDs (NAB 2018)

For NAB 2018 G-Technology (owned by Western Digital) introduced 3 new series of SSD-based storage solutions for creating professionals editing ranging from 500 GB and up to no less than 16 TB capacities with an ultra high transfer speeds.

We have just tested the G-Technology G-Raid 16TB Thunderbolt 3 here on LensVid earlier this year and recently posted an article on the new ultra-fast WD Black NVMe SSD that was just announced a few days ago.

The combination of technologies used by the G-Raid and the new WD NVMe drive is exactly what is behind G-Technology’s recent announcements – a combination of a super fast SSD drive/s based on NVMe technology and ultra-fast transfer pipeline – Thunderbolt 3 with its 40 Gbps (or 5 GB/s) max transfer speed.

Here are the 3 new series of drives from G-Technology:

  • The G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD – 500GB-1TB ($650/$1050).
  • G-Drive Pro SSD – 960GB-7680GB ($1400-$7600).
  • G-Speed Shuttle SSD – 8TB-16TB ($5100-$7600).

All these drives work with Thunderbolt 3 and all use NVMe based drives up to 2,800 MB/s (the shuttle SSD is unique in the sense that this number is both for the read and write of the drive since it works in RAID 5, the other drives have slower write speeds but still significantly faster than traditional SATA based SSD solutions).

Another important advantage of these drives over HHD based solutions is noise. While the G-Technology G-Raid 16TB Thunderbolt 3 that we have reviewed here has a decent overall performance (nowhere near these speeds of course but still quite speedy for an HHD in Raid 0).

We are still waiting to learn when these drives will become available and hopefully we can test one or more of them later on this year.

Stay tuned for more innovation coming to you from NAB 2018 in the next few days and as always, if you don’t want to miss any new photography product be sure to check out our product photography section on our photo gear channel.