MaxStone – Wireless Location and Trigger for Your Camera

There are many wireless triggers for cameras and even quite a few apps that with the right wireless units can trigger your camera wirelessly. The guys behind MaxStone – a new Kickstarter project decided to do things a bit differently. They created a small unit with an IR transmitter with a 5m (16 feet) range and a BT 4.0 low power with a 30m (100 feet) range.

The IR can trigger the camera and even allow you to create timelapse videos while the BT has the ability to let you know whenever you are getting to far from your camera – so you will never forget it anywhere.

The  MaxStone app letting you knw how far away your camera ismaxstone-iphone-your-camera

Currently the MaxStone free app only support iOS based devices but we recently reached out to the developers and we were told that an Android version should be available around March 2014.

You can find more info on the on MaxStone on the project Kickstarter page ($35 for a unit).