Nikon D750: Video Features Review

On this video, photographer Curtis Judd takes a look at the main video features of the new Nikon D750.

We have already looked into the D750 extensively in the past in a video by Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from from the Camera Store. However this video deals specifically with video features and capabilities. The first thing which is of course worth mentioning is that Nikon is (still) not on-board the 4K bandwagon and the D750 does not shoot 4K (we are guessing that this will come in 2015). It does shoot 1080p 60p.

Judd believes that the colors of the D750 has much better colors than the D600 (which seemed to have a strange color cast). Aliasing and Moire have also been a problem for Judd on the D600 is also improved considerably. The D600 as a relatively basic camera didn’t really have exposure tools for video work (not even a histogram for video). The D750 fixes all of that included zebra stripes.

The D750 still doesn’t do focus peeking on the upside it does have tilt screen (this is the first Nikon full frame camera with this feature. Nikon did another nice thing for video users – they added flat picture style – Judd didn’t find it all that useful but it is a still good to have. On the D750 you can change the aperture on your lens in live view (something you can’t do with the D600 or lower end models). Battery life for video is about 2 hours according to Judd’s test. Working with an external recorder also seems to be better on the D750.

This is a good time to mention that Nikon recently announced that it “received indications from some users that when photographing scenes in which a bright light source, such as the sun or high-intensity lighting, is at a certain position along the top border of the frame, flare with an unnatural shape may sometimes occur in images captured with the D750 digital SLR camera”. You can see in the video below (apparently this phenomenon does not effect all D750 cameras). Nikon is looking into this issue.



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