Sigma Art for Sony E vs. Sony Native Lenses

Photographer Jason Vong recently got 3 of the new Sigma Art lenses for Sony E-mount and decided to test them head to head against Sony’s comparable lenses in terms of image quality and focus both in stills and in video and got some very interesting results.

Sigma shocked us earlier this year by releasing its entire Art line in one go on a Sony E-mount. What was interesting was the company’s decision to take the basic DSLR design and add a version of its MC-11 adaptor for Sony E-mount (making those pretty large and heavy lenses even larger and heavier – a decision that did not go too well with some users).

On this video Vong tries to answer some critical questions – how are the Sigma lenses (35mm, 50mm and the 85mm – all f/1.4) lenses compared to the Sony FE comparable glass. He tested sharpness – the Sigma seems to have a bit of an advantage here although the Sony’s are also impressive as well as focus speed – the Sigma lenses performed pretty well – especially the 85mm.

However the Sigma’s week point is still to focus accuracy – and while it seems to be pretty decent in stills – when it comes to video – Sony is still significantly better.

So the bottom line seems to be this – if you are a stills shooter and you want the best IQ and can live with the size and weight and you are shooting things which are a bit more stationary – go with the Sigma and save quite a bit of money.

If you are more of a video shooter and you rely on focus or you do a lot of fast moving subject photography – Sony is probably still your best bet.

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Iddo Genuth
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